April 19


In particular, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor until May 13 to introduce a bill in respect of the Far East, providing a change and expansion of the list of routes, subsidized by the federal budget for the lifting of restrictions on the length of the routes and the reduction in the minimum frequency of flights to one flight a week year-round.

It has also been entrusted until May 13, to amend the legislation of the Russian Federation that will enable low-income citizens and disabled children groups II and III in the category of citizens who are entitled to fly at a special rate, as well as to expand the list of routes of air transport passengers from the Far East to the European part of the country and in the opposite direction.

Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance before June 15 will amend the leases of the regional companies of the Far East, providing a mechanism for the application of domestic aircraft operating lease, transfer calculations in rubles and increase the volume of purchases.

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